David Steinhof

State Representative

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David Steinhof

State Representative

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David Steinhof is running for State Representative to unite our community. As a lifelong resident of Fall River, David remembers when the local economy was strong and work was a phone call away. He remembers when people left their doors unlocked and neighbors helped each other no matter the hardship. David knows that the core values of the people of Fall River and Assonet are rock solid and we have more potential than any other area in Massachusetts.  

David will bring new leadership that will unite the parties to work together and make politics work for us – the hardworking forgotten people of his district. David believes that he is compelled to do all that he can to help restore our economy and put an end to the self-serving politics of the past.

Please join the campaign. Vote for our future, and help David Steinhof unite the parties to work together and make Beacon Hill work for us.

Who is David Steinhof?
David Steinhof is a proud lifelong resident of Fall River, who was brought up with a strong religious upbringing. He continues to utilize those core Catholic values in his everyday life. David dedicates a portion of his dental practice to helping Veterans, the disabled, and the elderly.  As a strong supporter of our military, David donates to the Wounded Warriors Project and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

David is a strong supporter of Michael’s Fund, a charity dedicated to helping children and adults combat cancer though marrow transplants. David plays in the Michael’s Fund tournament to help raise awareness and funds. Dr. Steinhof and his dental office sponsor an annual toy drive each year for the children of St. Vincent’s.

When David is not working as a dentist or volunteering in his local community, he enjoys golf, camping, skiing, and hiking with Auberon, his German Shepherd. David loves walking, knocking on doors throughout the district, and listening to the people he meets. He has knocked on thousands of doors and will continue to do so right up until Election Day on November 6th. Meeting people and making sure he earns your vote is where he will spend all of his time until Election Day.


  • Dental Degree from Tufts University
  • Bachelors of Science from Providence College
  • Graduate of B.M.C. Durfee High School


  • American Dental Association
  • Southeastern District Dental Society
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of St. Joseph’s and St. Stanislaus Churches
  • Recipient of St. Vincent’s Kaleidoscope Award for Toy Drive
  • Michael’s Fund


David supports our police, firefighters, and other first responders who work tirelessly to keep us safe. He will lead the fight against opioid addiction by making sure we put drug dealers in jail while we have the resources needed to treat not only the addicted, but support their families who so often suffer the addiction with them.

In order for our region to grow and pay for the improvements that are needed, we must have a robust economy that creates high paying jobs. David will work with the Baker Administration, the Democratic legislature, and local officials to make sure we have a business-friendly environment that boasts lower taxes and less regulations.

The most important thing we must ensure is that our schools are safe for our children. In addition, state policy must be reformed to support our teachers to make sure they have the resources and tools needed to help our children be successful.

David is running to make sure Beacon Hill works for us, not for the special interests. He opposed the 40% pay raise his opponent gave herself last year.  He will work across party lines to make sure that we serve our interests first and foremost.

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